Blessed Be!

Blessed Be!

“The World is full of Magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
-William Butler Yeats

About Me

I am pretty ordinary really. I am happily married and mother to two fantastic teens.  We share our home with an old cat named Fred and a Chihuahua named Siucra and several fish and tortoises.  I adore coffee and tea and coffeehouses! I write poetry and paint and love to go for long drives and blare my radio! While I love all kinds of music, Loreena McKennitt is my absolute favorite artist.  I love all animals and am also vegetarian. 

I grew up in California and miss the ocean every single second of the day.  I am not talking tropical beach type 'ocean.'  Mild and misty weather with the sounds of fog horns and seagulls all around me as I dig my toes into the cold, wet sand are the images that dance across my mind and heart.  I moved around a lot as a kid but my favorite places were the central coast of California as well as the Pacific Northwest.

Since 2003, my awesome family and I have lived in beautiful, yet landlocked, Oklahoma. As much as I miss the sea I have come to embrace Oklahoma's own unique enchantment.  It's tallgrass prairies, woods and lakes and rivers have nourished my soul over these past several years.   I also happen to be: 

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