Blessed Be!

Blessed Be!

I provide intuitive readings and holistic wellness services.

For more information on who I am and what I do, find out more below:

Sacred Services


I believe divinity is something that is everywhere and in everything, and that our connection to each other should be one of harmony and peace. Read More


I have been a spiritually and magickally minded person my whole life. When I realized the word Witch applied to me it was a feeling of coming home. Read More


People who choose to actively use their intuition are able to know energy and see how it's interacting with things, people, places and more. Read More


Holistic wellness, such as Reiki, can be used along side mainstream healing modalities.  They can be a very empowering way to aid in the healing of the whole being. Read More


Cartomancy is a very old divinatory system utilizing a plain old deck of playing cards. I began my learning of this with my maternal Grandmother and Mother. Read More

Interspiritual Monastic

Over the past few years I have become involved with an interfaith Franciscan monastic order.  Interfaith work has always been important to me. Read More

You are very welcome to my Facebook Group, Covenant of the Sacred Divine

We are a group of interspiritual mystical seekers. We practice magick and believe prayer works. Join us for magick, mysticism and sanctuary.

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